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Université de Rennes 1, 263, Avenue du Général Leclerc,
Campus de Beaulieu, Bâtiments 14A
35042 RENNES Cedex, FRANCE

* 2001 Master degree in population ecology and research on population dynamics and ecology of an amphipod invader Dikerogammarus villosus (Crustacea: Amphipoda)
* 2004 PhD at the University of Metz on ‘The Role of salinity in dynamics and regulation of freshwater macroinvertebrate communities'. * 2004 - 2006 Lecturer at the University of Rennes 1 (France)

* 2004 - 2006 Lecturer at the University of Rennes 1 (France)
* From January to August 2007 Postdoctoral researcher at the Queen's University of Belfast (Northern Ireland)
* 2007 - Researcher at the french center for scientific research (CNRS)
* 2014 - Habilitation to drive research (HDR) at the University of Lyon1 'Impacts of global changes on the functionning of aquatic ecosystems'
* Since 2014 - Head of the French LTER "Zone Atelier Armorique"


Honorary position
* 2012 President of the French Association of Lumnology (AFL)
* Since 2007 to present, Scientific manager of the library and the scientific documentation of the laboratory

Reviewer for scientific journals

- African invertebrates
- Annales Zoologici Fennici
- Aquatic Ecology
- Aquatic Sciences
- Annals of Environ. Science
- Biological Invasions
- Biological Conservation
- Diversity and Distributions
- Ecological Entomology
- Environnemental Pollution
- Fund. Appl. Limnol.

- Freshwater Biology
- Hydrobiologia
- Int. Rev. Hydrobiology
- International Journal of Zoology
- Limnologica
- North-Western Journal of Zoology
- Revue d'écologie – Terre et vie
- Sci. of the Total Environment
- Int. Journal of Limnology
- PLos ONE
- Water Research


Membership of Societies

* President of the French Limnological Association - Association Française de Limnologie (AFL)
* Membership of the International Society of Limnology

Supervision of PhD and master degree students

Phd thesis :

- D. A., (2009-2012). Climate change and drought of river wetlands, consequaneces on planktonic, benthic and interstitial populations of crustacea.
- F. N., (2010-2013). Effects of the rising temperature associated to climate changes on the reproduction, metabolism and feeding habits of Gammarus pulex.

Master degree in ecology :

- L. A., (2001-2002). Structure of freshwater macroinvertebrate community along a salinity gradient in the Meurthe River ( France ).
- M. V., (2002). Importance of habitat scale studies to highlight a salinity stress.
- G. S., (2002-2003). The role of salinity in dynamics and regulation of freshwater macroinvertebrate communities in the Meurthe River (FRANCE).
- C. J., (2003). The fluctuating asymmetry as a monitoring tool for natural populations of macroinvertebrates.
- P. F., (2004). The use of fluctuating asymmetry to highlight natural selection processes on gammarid populations.
- E. M., (2008). Impact of the acanthoceplan parasite Polymorphus minutus on the respiratory activity of its intermediate host Gammarus roeseli in different salinities: respirometrical analysis and ecological consequences. 
- T. A., (2010). Effects of the rising temperature associated to climate changes on the fecondity of the amphipod Gammarus pulex.
- L. F., (2010). Comparison of physiological responses of the freshwater invader Dikerogammarus villosus and the native Gammarus pulex to changes of water temperatures.
- E. D., (2010). Effects of the rising temperature associated to climate changes on the reproductive strategy of amphipods with a special emphasis on Gammarus pulex.
- F. K., (2012). Ecophysiological responses of the key freshwater invertebrate Gammarus pulex to constrains related to drying and vertical migration into the sediment.

Master degree in catchment area – exchanges between water and ground :

- G. R. (2004-2005). Integrative approach of ecosystem functions in agricultural catchments.
- G. M. (2005-2006). The role of sediment characteristics in the water exchanges between surface and groundwater in small agricultural streams.
- K. D. (2008). Quantification of surface/groundwater exchanges along the Rhône River bassin : porposal for a new tools of characterisation.


Supervision of PhD and master degree students

Bush-walking, Rugby, Running, Swimming, and Travel.








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